Boxchat – The Content Age

Earlier this week I contributed to Box UK’s #boxchat about the changing way in which content is consumed online, and the challenges and opportunities it creates. Here’s what I think now I’ve had time to formulate some of the discussion points.

Q1. Devices & Methods

The devices & methods used for consuming content are rapidly changing – what threats & opportunities does this present?

Although devices change, giving the user the right content at the right time is still the top priority. Just because we can make a native app, doesn’t mean we should. Think about whether it makes sense to go native, or whether it might be easier for your users to just browse your website. The web is still 95% typography, so tailor that to the device.

Q2. Device Priorities

How best to prioritise devices/approaches when planning strategy in this area?

Firstly, you need to be analysing your traffic. Without hard figures you may as well just flip a coin. However, pure numbers are not the only metric. Users of some devices may have a higher value, so bear that in mind. You may find that Apple users may buy more as they’re likely to have a greater disposable income than those with a cheap Windows machine.

Q3. Engagement

What techniques can be used to engage users through new channels?

My first thought on this is having great copy. Word of mouth is the best form of marketing, and no one is going to shout about run of the mill. Focus on fulfilling user needs, rather than ‘marketing’ to your users. Don’t force users to engage – entice them.

An often overlooked area of responsive design is localisation. Responsive design doesn’t just mean making the browser resize the visual components. Just like how you may produce slightly snappier content for smaller screens, respond to your users and translate your content.

Q4. Video

Let’s take a look specifically at video content delivery - YouTube/Vimeo or something else entirely?

I don’t really have a strong opinion on video delivery, but there was some good discussion around the various platforms. It seems like if you’re selling video, then you’ll have to look at alternatives to YouTube and Vimeo.

Q5. Quantity

How can we continue to attract audience attention as content availability / quantity continues to increase?

Focus on quality over quantity. No one wants to read marketing copy. This comes back to focusing on what your users need. Do they want one word answers or in depth explanations? Do you even need to generate much content? It may be better using your energy to improve what you already have.