Building Beauty: Week 21


This week, encouraged by the class tutors, I tried a new design from the point of view of an empty room, focused around the window as the main centre.

I made a couple of sketches to get a feel for the direction and then modelled away.

Office from scratch sketches

While this created a slightly better window seat, the rest of the room just felt too cramped.

Office from scratch model

Office from scratch SketchUp

They’ve also been encouraging me to explore the idea of a bay window. I’m totally not convinced about this in the context of British terraced houses, but since it’s just some cardboard it was easy enough to try.

Bay window model

It wasn’t as bad as I thought it might be, but I still wouldn’t actually do it.

Nature of Order

I finally finished Book 3!

Book 3 was fun, in that it was full of examples of the work Alexander has done and how he approached the projects using the ideas and processes explained in Book 1 and 2.

It was loooong though. 700+ pages.

Beautiful Software

It’s difficult to write anything coherent about this part of the course still, because we’re still grappling with the ideas and how much – if at all – they apply to software. To me, the ideas of Book 2 – around the process of making – have a fairly clear mapping. What we’re not sure of at all is whether the 15 Fundamental Properties apply.

Here’s an idea of some of the conversations we’ve been having.

Most recent Beautiful Software conversations Week 21