Book Notes – Becoming Steve Jobs

Building Beauty: The Programmer’s Workshop Draft Pattern Language


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Programming for Humans

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Book Notes – The Plight of Potential


Automatically OCR Screenshots with Crystal & Automator

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Programming and Writing

Visualising Uncertainty

Book Notes – Nature of Order Book 4: The Luminous Ground

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Building Beauty: Week 25

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Building Beauty: Week 22

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Building Beauty: Week 17, 18, 19 & 20

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Building Beauty: Week 11

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Shaping Software with Context, Boundaries and Language

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Building to Learn

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Tracking work through knowns and unknowns

Why I use protected attr_reader in Ruby

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3 months of ZettelKasten – 25,000 words

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Designing “how it works”

Why does situation matter more than what customers like?

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Hacking a Printable PDF from Medium Posts


Filesystem Organisation

My Favourite Letters from More Letters of Note

Elegant Objects: Composable Decorators

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Restart NFS on Synology Diskstation DSM 6.2

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The Problem with Roadmaps

What should we work on next?

Bug; Imrovement; Enhancement

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Balancing a Maker and Manager Schedule

Analysing 900+ GitHub Issues: Concern + Cause

Hopper vs Roadmap

FOI Team GitHub Gardening

Moving the Goalposts Closer: Alaveteli Roadmapping

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Maintainable Demo Videos

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Use Parentheses With defined? Keyword in Ruby

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Git Tips, Tricks and Notes

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Programming languages are not tools

Giving Content Context

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self in Ruby

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Private attr methods in Ruby

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Just Enough Process

Standups are Poisonous

If you have two banks of desks, you're working remotely

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British Graphic Design

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Search Box Subtleties



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Driving a Ferrari

Read Every Word They Say

Do Something That Matters

Thank You For Registering

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A good vision is a strong outline written in pencil


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